Jujutsu 101 – Don’t Just Squeeze Neck While Choking. Disrupt The Balance!!!

One of the keys of jujutsu, as well as fighting in general, is getting and THEN KEEPING your opponent OFF balance. This, in the heat of battle can often be forgotten.

In a fight between 2 great MMA fighters, Kazushi Sakuraba and Wanderlei Silva in 2001, Sakuraba was working a “guillotine” (a type of front choke) on Silva. Sakuraba certainly SQUEEZED, but he did NOT from the start and during the hold, DISRUPT his opponent. Silva, eventually regained his posture and smashed Sakuraba to the mat very hard. Sakuraba seemed to injure his collarbone, probably from the powerful smash (which was a very good move by Silva). Of course the fight ended and Silva won.

Imagine if, at the start of the guillotine movement, Sakuraba started, as well as then continued to, jerk Silva’s neck/head. I don’t believe Silva would have been able to remain standing and then smash Sakuraba into the mat.

Sakuraba looked like he was going for the “home run” by squeezing very hard on Silva’s neck. Unfortunately (for Sakuraba) Silva’s balance was not broken.

Imagine if Sakuraba had, while very tightly squeezing Silva’s neck, started and then continued to jerk violently, like a wet dog shaking off water from a bath. Perhaps Silva’s neck may have even gotten sprained. Also Silva probably would have been flat on the mat as well.

DRILLING NOTES: Do NOT go crazy on your training partner. You can go violent on something like a rolled up rug. Not your partner’s neck! Of course (with care) you can build up the intensity. In practice keep to safe intensity levels.

After you both have (by practicing the move many times) gotten the mechanics down at some level, then you both might wish to take turns (carefully) resisting the hold. How to do this is beyond the purpose of this post.

Just remember you are NOT competing with your partner; you are training with him. Don’t RUSH through intensity levels. Remember, you are dealing with someone’s neck! Use CARE. You will get there; and you still will have functional necks!

Fred Crivello
Jujutsu 101


I developed Jujutsu 101, which consists of drills to help you help yourself improve your leverage control and balance disruption for self-defense situations. Fred Crivello www.jujutsu101.com

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