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Jujutsu 101 is all about YOU being in CONTROL of your self-defense
improvement.  Whether or not you belong to a dojo or you are doing it on your own with perhaps a few friends, I strongly suggest you always find ways to improve your skills in staying in the driver’s seat when it comes to working at developing your self-defense skills.

There is actually a lot you can do yourself to help your own progress in learning good jujutsu skills for self-defense purposes.  Learning to
be a good coach (to yourself and others) is certainly a key skill to always work on.

I will write about that in a future blog or two.

Today please spent time studying over this Jujutsu 101 video.  It goes over a bit about WHY you should carry a self-defense weapon of some type.  Of course always follow the laws in your area regarding weapons.

In this video I am using a stick.  Besides what I show in this video, you will notice as well that I actually have a (very loud) whistle attached so I can blow it in an attacker’s ears.

Note: You need to use judgement on self-defense moves, especially if you decide to use a weapon for your protection.

Anyway, study the video and practice with great care.  Thanks for your time and remember to always train safe.

Fred Crivello
Jujutsu 101


I developed Jujutsu 101, which consists of drills to help you help yourself improve your leverage control and balance disruption for self-defense situations. Fred Crivello www.jujutsu101.com

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