Jujutsu 101 – How To Push To Make Space

Hello again.  Welcome to another Jujutsu 101 post.  Today I’d like to go over the importance of knowing how to use proper mechanics when you need to make some space between you and the opponent.

Before you watch the YouTube video below, I want to bring up something about language. I bring this up as that is what we use between each other (whether talking or reading a blog like this one).

When someone says to “push” usually we think of perhaps PUSH-UPS or PUSHING a stalled car off the road or maybe doing a BENCH PRESS.  So when someone then says to “push” the opponent away a student may believe he or she just sort of shoves against the opponent.

Though this is part of it, there is really more going on.  Carefully watch and listen to this video. You will notice the practical use of LEANING the opponent before the actual PUSHING OUTWARD.  There is a sequence involved here.

Also, when needing to make space it really doesn’t matter how much the opponent moves versus how much you move during the “push”.  Perhaps, after making some space, you may be able to use a weapon or just escape.

Sure, you’d like to off-balance the opponent but you may have a very heavy and stable type opponent.  At least perhaps you can “push” off him to get yourself moved away.  In other words, there are times when you will not only “push” the opponent off-balance some, you will also be pushing off him as well.

Enjoy and I am here if you have any feedback.

Take care and always train safe.

Fred Crivello


I developed Jujutsu 101, which consists of drills to help you help yourself improve your leverage control and balance disruption for self-defense situations. Fred Crivello www.jujutsu101.com

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