Jujutsu 101 – Kneeling & Rear Choke Tips

Hello again.  I hope you have had an opportunity to look over some of the many YouTube Jujutsu 101 videos and, hopefully, practiced some of the exercises and drills with a friend or two.

I thought it would be of use to show this particular Jujutsu 101 video here today which makes a few points about the value of kneeling while ground fighting.

Look it over and don’t forget when you practice with your friend to go slow at first.

After you start to get a consistent feel for the proper postures, as well as maintaining balance in your movements, then you can slowly up the pressures used.

Always be aware of your responsibility for the other’s limbs, etc.  You only have so many realistic fights in you; don’t waste them on reckless training!

Train safe!

Fred Crivello
Jujutsu 101 Founder


I developed Jujutsu 101, which consists of drills to help you help yourself improve your leverage control and balance disruption for self-defense situations. Fred Crivello www.jujutsu101.com

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